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Frequently asked questions

What are the modes of payment?
At the moment, we only accept payments through WIRE transfers. If you'd like us to accept any other form of payments, write to or to your account manager.
Will my data be private and safe?
We are committed to protect and secure your data within our applications. Access management of individual accounts is at your discretion and access to data is non-permissible to GeoConcept Employees or any other third parties. We follow the guidelines of both Salesforce and Microsoft to ensure a safe cloud environment.
Can I upgrade or downgrade anytime?
Yes. GeoConcept understands that your requirements change dynamically. You can upgrade your contract according to the scope of your project or to the number of user licences you wish to have anytime by sending an email to or to your account manager directly. However, please note that you will be able to cancel or downgrade any license subscription only at the end of the subscription term and not in the middle of the contractual time period.
How reliable are your data?
Aside from having numerous satisfied clients who required contractually to have a minimum quality of 80% on Points of Interests, for example, our data are updated by ground teams monthly to quarterly depending on the dataset. Our expertise team processes a quality check for each dataset, before providing them to our customers.
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